Startup Weekend Global 2022
Web3 Edition
Be part of the largest, wildest, craziest and most impactful hackathon of the year. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, and make startup magic happen.

Join revolutionaries, game-changers, pioneers and innovators from across the globe on a journey of exploration into the Web3 metaverse.

Together, let us ideate, build life-changing innovations, and push boundaries in Web3 as we redefine our future together, one idea at a time.
What are you waiting for?
The Future Awaits You
Web3 is a $2.5 trillion sector, DeFi holds over $240 billion of wealth, and NFT sales have reached $25 billion. From dApps to smart contracts & DAOs, Web3 has reshaped our online interactions, revitalised our control over our privacy & information, and redefined our technological future.

Don't blink, we're still moving at light speed.

Over 2 weeks, join forces with our global community to learn, hack and build ideas that can change the world.

Get inspired as you interact with global leaders, tech visionaries and startup mentors in Web3 who will be there as you build the new unicorn.
No Talk, All Action
Startup Weekend Global is for everyone and anyone.
It does not matter where you live, whether you have any experience or not, what age you are, or what language you speak.
Zero to One
Have an idea?

Validate it with support from global mentors and our nurturing community.
Meet Co-Founders
Trouble finding a partner?

Connect with the largest network of startup enthusiasts, innovators, designers and more.
Experiential Learning
Don't know where to begin?

Our workshops, mentors and facilitators will provide the most invaluable startup education.
Safe Space
Haven't been to a hackathon?

Startup Weekend's inclusive and supportive environment is perfect for anyone.
The Global Revolution
> 160
> 7,000
> 500,000
Startup Weekend is the place for you to kickstart impactful and revolutionary startups in Web3.

Connect and build ideas with people around the globe. Watch as Web3, the shining beacon of light, unites the world in our conquest to revolutionise our future.
Select Your Battlefield
Envision the future of the internet.
Redesign the fabric of the magical Web3 landscape by developing the next generation of life-changing decentralised applications (dApps).
Reinvent the way people interact.
Revitalise the way we live by bridging physical and virtual worlds, and redefine control of our virtual identities.
Transform the future of gaming.
Formulate play-to-earn games that revolutionise the traditional gaming industry and return ownership to the gamers.
Sketch something impactful.
From the punks to the apes, imagine NFTs that foster and strengthen communities, and solve real-world problems.
Revolutionise the world of finance.
Unshackle people from the chains of central banks, democratise our financial markets and take ownership of our financial future.
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
The Metaverse Experience To Remember
A Startup Weekend like you’ve never seen before
Be inspired
& get to meet some of the biggest names in Web 3.0.
Digital perks
& a bunch of other fun stuff to make this the best weekend ever.
Extraordinary prizes
& opportunities of a lifetime await the brave and the bold.
Pitch your vision
on the biggest digital startup stage.
Go forth
& gather your team to bring your ideas to life.

Past Speakers, Mentors & Judges

Get inspired as you meet with global leaders, tech visionaries and startup founders in Web3

Justin Kan
Patrick Collison
Founder & CEO
David Cohen
Maëlle Gavet
CEO & Board Member
Heng Swee Keat
Deputy Prime Minister & Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies
Lawrence Wong
Minister of Finance
Grace Fu
Minister for Sustainability & the Environment (MSE)
Alvin Tan
Minister of State for MTI and MCCY
Renaud Visage
Co-founder & Former CTO
Edwin Chow
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Enterprise Singapore
David Chua
Chief Executive Officer
National Youth Council
Sang Shin
Director, Enterprise Development Group
Samuel Rhee
Co-founder, Chairman & CIO
Pieter Kemps
Sequoia Capital
Kaidi Ruusalepp
Founder & CEO
Suzanne Kats
Chief Commercial Officer
The Next Closet
Countdown till Kickoff
Programme Schedule
28 OCT 2022

28 OCT 2022

Event Launch & Workshops
Learn something new, gather your team and get ready to build your winning idea. Unsure of how to begin? Our workshops has got you covered! We’ve also got a handy hacking toolkit prepared for you - all we need is your enthusiasm!
29 OCT 2022
29 OCT 2022
Meet Your Mentors
Validate your ideas & prototypes with our mentor panel of seasoned entrepreneurs, global investors and industry leaders.
30 OCT -
9 NOV 2022
30 OCT -
9 NOV 2022
Perfect Your Idea
Huddle up and continue to transform your idea into a working product. With your facilitators journeying alongside you, you’ll be in good hands all the way through.
10 NOV 2022
10 NOV 2022
Submit Your Winning Pitch
Rehearse your pitch with your teammates. Submit your final pitch video and keep your fingers crossed!
11 NOV 2022
11 NOV 2022
Results Announcement
The top teams will be announced and get another chance to perfect their ideas and prepare for the finale showdown.
12 NOV 2022
12 NOV 2022
Vie For The Crown
Shortlisted teams will get to pitch at the finale to our panel of global judges. The winning team will be crowned as our champions. Then it's time to attend our virtual afterparty and celebrate all night long!
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Startup Weekend Global
Choose your Role
Build your most important asset - your team mates
Laser-focused 24/7, you accomplish whatever you set out to do.

For you, there are no boundaries. You dream bigger than anyone else. And you are relentless in your pursuit. Risk-takers and go-getters by nature, failures don't bite you. Instead, they spur you on further.

You are opportunistic and a problem-solver; you know how to play your best cards. If you can pitch, market, formulate business models, or will do anything to keep the team going — hey, there's a hustler in you.

You are no stranger to visual hierarchies, visual cues and information foraging.

For you, the rainbow is more than its 8 colours - instead, you see them in hues, tints, shade and their 6 digit HEX-codes.

Magic is at your fingertips when you’re on visual editing softwares. You transform pitch decks or prototypes into a feast for the eyes. If you have a flare for visuals and speak the design language - hey, there’s a designer in you.
As long you’re concerned, bugs aren’t insects and a library isn’t where you go to borrow books. A master of translating the real-world into computer simulation, you create algorithms with no sweat.

You are a polyglot, familiar with various programming languages from the likes of Python to C++. Defined by an endless curiosity and an unrelenting drive, you fix problems with code.

If you find thrill in writing applications and building products - hey, there’s a developer in you.

Grab your gear, assemble your team and get ready to enter our Startup Weekend metaverse to network, build ideas and shape history, all in video game mode.

Grab your gear, assemble your team and get ready to enter our Startup Weekend metaverse to network, build ideas and shape history, all in video game mode.

From Startups to Unicorns
Meet our fabulous Startup Weekend alumni
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Past Sponsors
Global Partners
This could be you!
Meet your hosts.
Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn,
then always be a unicorn.
Durwin Ho
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Joyce Tay
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Raymond D.
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Goh Yee Wei
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Benjamin Tang
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Raden Lim
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Lok Kok Bin
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Tan Xuan Cheng
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Jazira Bayan
Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 
Lalitha Wemel
Malaysia 🇲🇾 
Wee Melissa
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Angelica Dilidili
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Aryton Soliano
Malaysia 🇲🇾 
Sophia Koh
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Menghan Wang
Singapore 🇸🇬 
Ros Lantin
Philippines 🇵🇭 
Casper Okpara
Nigeria 🇳🇬 
Into The Unknown
See you in the Startup Weekend metaverse!
Frequently Asked Questions
What ideas can I work on?
You can work on any ideas under our current themes - Web3, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT and Gaming.
I don't have any experience, can I still join?
Definitely! You don’t have to be a seasoned entrepreneur to join Startup Weekend. You can join us either as a hustler, developer or designer and Most importantly, if you are excited about startups, entrepreneurship, meeting people, and having a good time, then Startup Weekend is definitely the place for you!
How big should each team be?
Based on past experience, we highly recommend having at least 3-4 members in a team with at least one of each profile (hustler, developer and designer) to form a well-rounded team. However, if you would like to join as an individual, we welcome you too.
Is there any criteria for selection? Is my participation confirmed once I get my ticket?
There is no criteria for participating, once you sign up, you’re in! Our only request is that you come with an open mind for learning and lots of enthusiasm!
Can I join as an individual?
It is highly encouraged to have 3-4 people in each team. But fret not, if you're joining alone, there will be plenty of chances for you to connect with others once you sign up, and we will guarantee you'll be able to find a team.

In the spirit of Startup Weekend, do try to step out of your comfort zone and network with others in the amazing Startup Weekend global community!

I have been working on my startup idea for the last 2 years, can I pitch it?
Startup Weekend is designed to be the most effective platform for growing new businesses from the ground up over the course of a weekend. A key facet of the weekend, and a central value for participants, is the spirit of complete collaboration, buy-in, and ownership. We’ve found that having existing businesses in the mix undermines this spirit, in addition to creating an unequal playing field alongside those ideas that are truly conceived at the grass-roots level.

TLDR - No, participants will not be allowed to pitch their existing ideas at Startup Weekend.
What do we get out of the event?
An amazing experience, startup education, global friends, mentorship, digital perks, fantastic prizes for winning teams, and most importantly, a lifetime of memories!

Keep a lookout on this page for when we announce the prizes!
What happens after Startup Weekend Global?
Well, you may decide to keep working on your startup with the team that you formed at Startup Weekend Global! Many people that have attended a Startup Weekend event utilize their new network to help them find their next job. You may even decide that you want to organize a Startup Weekend event yourself! One thing is for sure - you are now a valued member of the Startup Weekend community!
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